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“Every imaginable domain is taken! How do I find a good domain for my brand?”


Nameforest was founded by a group of startup founders who experienced firsthand the difficulties of getting the perfect name for their ideas.   

From one founder to the next, they realized they were not alone. And thus, Nameforest was born. Our founders grouped together their domains to begin the Nameforest rental platform, and the platform grew quickly through partnerships with major domain investors to over 150,000 domain names today.

Our team now comprises of seasoned domain investors and branding agents who are experienced in helping startups rebrand and secure distinctive domain names. We have participated in startup and domain name conferences as panel hosts and keynote speakers.   Our clientele include startups, marketing executives, and listed companies globally.

We have loved our journey so far and can't wait to help with yours.

Rebecca, Steph and James
Nameforest Founding Team