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Frequently Asked Questions - Renters

How long can I rent the domain for?

Our monthly leases are paid monthly and can be renewed indefinitely or until an end date if the contract specifies one.  

Can the domain owner terminate the lease, or sell the domain to someone else?

No.  The NameForest rental contract was prepared by lawyers who specialize in domain names.  Once a domain is rented, control of it is passed to NameForest until the end of the rental period, or if the renter exercises the buyout option.   We do this to ensure both parties are protected.  

I want to buy this domain.

That is our goal, too.  All our rentals come with a buyout option at a pre-agreed price.

Can I use the domain for any purpose?

Yes, under most circumstances. We reserve the right to terminate the contract if the renter is infringing existing trademarks or other exceptional circumstance, but this is rare. 

After I terminate the rental agreement, who owns the trademark?

Our domain names does not come with trademarks.  Any trademarks developed by you/your company during the rental period resides with you/your company. However, if you did not exercise the buyout option, then the domain owner is free to rent it out to other parties.