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What names are you looking for?

We are the largest domain rental platform in the world and we manage over 150,000 names for domain owners. Many of our names are 1 to 2 word, category defining, premium and brandable names. Our global marketing platform also covers the Asia, Europe and Spanish speaking regions. Through our algorithm, we are able to sort the best names and recommend them to start up founders. We recommend domain owners to submit all of their names to us and let our algorithms do the work!

What listing fee/commission rates do you charge?

It's free to list on our site! We charge a flat 20% commission rate upon a successful rental or purchase if your domain's DNS is directed to Nameforest. If your domain is parked elsewhere, a 30% service fee will be charged. This is determined automatically by our system at the time of signing the lease.

How is the rental rate and buyout price determined?

Our Smart Pricing (TM) algorithm helps us determine which pricing tier a domain name should fall into.  Whilst we understand that no two domains are the same, we manage all of our domains under three pricing tiers.  Our standard names are all $49/month, our premium names starts from $99/month+, and our saver names are $10-25/month.

I have a large portfolio (>1000) of domain names.

Please schedule a time to speak to a Nameforest ambassador about how we can best help you.  

Does Nameforest require exclusivity over my domain name?

We do not require exclusivity; however, we do require your domain to be directed to the Nameforest homepage in order for us to best serve you. Contact us for guidance on how to do this! 

Who will manage the DNS and what will the whois show?

Control of the domain name will be passed to Nameforest (acting like an escrow) to safeguard the interest of both renter and domain owner. If you prefer another escrow method, tell us and we will see if we can accommodate you.

What happens if the renter uses the domain for illegal purposes?

We reserve the right to terminate the lease if the renter is using it for illegal purposes (e.g. trademark infringements).

Someone is leasing my domain and I want to sell it to another person.

Unfortunately, our rental contract specifies that transfer of ownership is prohibited once a domain is leased (except to the renter if he/she exercises the buyout option).   This is because the renter would typically invest vast amounts of time and capital to develop the domain name.  In our experience, the conversion rate of an actual end user sale is much higher for a rented domain than a parked domain.

I own a highly valuable domain name (e.g. single english dictionary word, short two/three letter domain)

Our renters range from bootstrapped startups to large organizations.   They'd love to hear your name for their next big idea and we will automatically feature any domain names with an estibot valuation in excess of 20k in our monthly newsletter as well as our premium domains.

How do I increase the chances that my domains are rented?

A number of factors drive renters' decisions, the most important being price and availability.  Our statistics show that domain owners who follow our pricing guidance (+/- 20%) and accepted our 'Instant Confirm' conditions (which requires redirecting your domain to our site) are 3x more likely to rent out their domain names.