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Domain renter testimonial

Our business school shares the name of the famous cereal brand "Kellogg". When we built our local alumni homepage most domains were already taken. I used NameForest's concierge service to great satisfaction. They helped us find a suitable domain name, negotiate with the owner, and we are able to rent our domain for a small fee and spend the budget on actually building the site. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Connie Chue
Co-President of the Kellogg Alumni Association of HK,

As a student organization we had limited time and budget to set up our homepage prior to hosting our annual conference event at USC. The Nameforest team was there to help us identify the most suitable domain name. After I graduated from USC, my parents' lighting company was looking for a domain name for their new product launch, and we rented from NameForest again. Simple, reliable service.

Sonja Cheung
Director of Public Relations, Beta Alpha Psi Chapter, USC

Domain renter testimonial